Tower Climbing Gear

Being a climber involves moving from one place to another constantly. That’s why is necessary count with a proper Tower Climbing Gear which has to include at least full body harnesses, lanyards, cat-heads, and ropes in all textures and lengths. Workers in the industry are prone to often face emergencies where their safety is in danger, where they need complete and versatile protection equipment that will not obstruct in their ability to work.

The importance of a tower climber safety in the industry is a matter that every employer needs to be considering, now more than ever companies that employ climbers feel the pressure of increase in safety compliance on the job. As it was mentioned before safety compliance is achieved not only with the right training but also with the equipment, making teamwork the backbone of all safety initiatives. If the rules are correctly abide, the industry can work towards decreasing, and ultimately eliminating any fatalities that may involve being a tower climber. Even though it would take a great deal of dedication and persistence to keep safety as a priority.

Tower climbers must learn how to be prepared with the right training and certifications towards ensuring safety on any job site. In America, there are several institutions dedicated to developing industry safety standards and helping companies accomplish regulations through training.

Moreover, teamwork and support in maintaining safety standards and compliance is essential to your team success. The safety supervisor should work to always remind workers the importance of helping each team member check their equipment during the day and tie off when are on a tower. Each team member’s life depends on safety.

Equipment should be documented and rated based on its condition, anything that does not meet regulation and safety requirements should be removed from service. The climber’s team must have a basic equipment checklist describing items that are daily used; it would keep track of all necessary equipment before and after the jobs.

The recommended products for utility industry applications are:

– Anchorage connectors

– Body supports

– Connecting components

– Descent and rescue elements

As employers are in the obligation to provide all safety equipment, also known as personal protection equipment. Including belts, ropes and harnesses, also tools that are used during the job such as wrenches, saws and capstan hoists.

For tower climbers having their own tools also shows a commitment to the industry as their chosen profession, even if the employer does not provides all the tools. Because they guarantee their safety and their team. That’s part of being responsible and part of their exploration in how to become a tower climber as well.

It is important to say that only with the correct safety gear, equipment and expertise a tower climber can manage to handle installations at height ease. During every job climbers will need to undergo safety training, it is also a priority to make sure that they have access to the best quality climbing gear. Even more important, the gear must be tested for its durability, reliability and safety on regular basis.